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Viva Ceviche by Raices at 88th/37th

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Has anyone been here? They have an attractive storefront at 88-15 37th Ave, and a nice looking menu. Haven't tried the food yet.

This looks SOOOO GOOD. Thanks for the heads up!

We ordered two ceviches (the clasico and the mixto) from them last week for pick-up, and they were FANTASTIC. We were a bit nervous about getting so much raw fish, but everything tasted completely fresh. Super delightful and refreshing mix of flavors, from the salty and tart tiger's milk to the nutty, roasted corn nuts. A bit pricey, but worth it for the variety of flavors and textures and quality ingredients.

We sat and enjoyed two of the ceviche this past weekend. Tasted really fresh with great flavor. The  Tiger’s Milk was good enough to drink by itself. Chicha Morada was so refreshing as well.

Have been several times and the ceviche is legit.


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