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local indie movie theater Kew Gardens Cinema opens for live viewing


A few miles from Jackson Heights there is an indie theater which is a locally owned and a terrific asset nearby called the Kew Gardens Cinema. The F train stops nearby and it's about 10 minutes by car. If you are missing in person movies, please visit them soon and know that your support is appreciated. They show films similar to Manhattan's Angelica theater for a bunch less and they have children's films and some streaming situation also.There are 5-6 theaters, sweet young people working the concession and tickets and sanitizing all over. Homemade cookies too! Loved "Nomadland" on the giant screen and feel like it was more immersive with the desert landscape that it every would have been at home. Order a great
pizza across the street timed for exiting the movie and you have a lovely night.

Thank you.  Have loved viewing films at Kew Gardens.  Will do, and will get a pizza!

I will second or third the recommendation. We have gone there often and always wondered if many JH residents go there--it is rarely crowded, does cost less than most theaters, and shows the good movies! I was assuming they would be gone post-pandemic--it's great to know they are open again. Such a nice theater and really so close.


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