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Driving Schools?


I'm an adult who doesn't know how to drive. There, I said it.

But since learning is one of my pandemic (or post-pandemic) goals, and I'm sure there are a lot of local parents whose kids had to learn at one time or another, I'm wondering if you can chime in.

What are the best local driving schools and do you have specific teachers to recommend at them?

Thanks in advance!

Another adult here who doesn't know how to drive. Also looking for recommendation for driving schools nearby.

Ferrari was good in the past. They have many instructors, so it may depend on finding one that suits you. I know a lot of people who learned from drivers ed or their parents but still found Ferrari's practice road test very valuable. But that was a few years ago, so YMMV.

Ferrari is actually the one I've been trying to contact I've just found it impossible to get anyone to answer the phone :(

I'll try again. Thanks!

Try Golden Star Driving School in Astoria.  The owner and instructor, Joseph Oliveira, is awesome.


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