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Loud motor/dirt bike in the middle of the night on 80th/37th

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Hi Everyone,

I live in the Greystones closer to the 37th end. Ever since last week we noticed a young man who revvs his motorbike in the middle of the night (starting usually around 3/4am). At first it seemed he was under the influence and revving for the sake of revving but the past few nights it seems like he's leaving and coming back several times in the night. It's unclear if he's going to/from work and running deliveries. The motor/exhaust is incredibly loud and wakes up everyone in our house (some of our neighbors also confirmed).

Have you noticed this? Has anyone tried to do anything about it? I am strongly opposed to getting cops involved but surely there's a way we can resolve this as a community. I'm frustrated/desperate and keep being woken up in the middle of the night and wanted to vent to my neighbors, thanks!

Maybe he doesn't have a watch? When you tell hay it's 4 in the morning, he knows what time it is. Sorry, old joke. He was on my block lat Thursday at 5 or so in the morning, so I can empathize.

He was racing up 35th Ave between 84 & 85 a few times between 10-11:30PM last night. Or maybe that was his brother. Either way was really obnoxious.

He was also racing up and down 35th Ave around 84th street last night between 10-11:30PM. Or maybe that was his brother. Either way it was really obnoxious.

Yes we’re at 83rd and 35th Ave and noticed him or her too  - they seem to be riding a loop around the area. Very loud and fast. Dangerous.


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