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Pre-war Jackson Heights condo (not coop) questions


Dear Folks:

I'm a JH renter looking at apartments in hope of buying one.

Pre-war condominium buildings are not common in the nabe but they do exist, for example the Delano:

My RE agent noted that both the common charges and the property tax seemed to be high.  Does anyone know how the property tax is determined, how laborious it is to try to lower it for the building?

Does anyone have experience with JH condo life and costs?

The real estate taxes at the Delano Condo are high.  The taxes for this 1 BR is $415 month or $4,980.00 a year.  A similar 1 BR unit at the Colton Condo is $331 a month or $3982 a year.  A similar 1 BR unit at Andrew Jackson Condo is $281 month or $3,372 a year.   

I'm certain attempts were made to lower taxes without success. 

Colton Condo has the lowest real estate taxes and the highest prices.   

I doubt if anyone can answer your question, "how the property tax is determined."

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