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Top price: Tudor on 86th asking $2.15 million

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I love it when I see one of the Tudors for sale! This one last sold in 2019 for $822k, per the history tab. It's obviously gone through an extensive (and tasteful) renovation.

I wonder what the description means by 2 units, though? Did they turn the 1 family into a 2 family? The photos give no hints at two kitchens or anything like that.

I was expecting A WHOLE LOT MORE for over $2 million. 

This one on the same block went for $1.5 mil in 2016

also see:

extreme self-confidence or audacity.

They are really beautiful inside. You can see that the floors have been refinished, the plaster looks good, the windows all look new. This IS a high price though. I'll be following to see if they get it. If I were looking to move I'd rather get my hands on a crumbly one for a decent price and renovate it to my taste. :-)  But there are lots of folks who don't want to deal with renovations. A backyard and room for a Zoom room or two will be an attraction now.


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