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Washington Plaza--what is it like?

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--- Quote from: newbie on December 19, 2020, 03:37:01 PM ---Thank you everyone for your responses.  jh35, it's hard to know what to make of "it's a very nice building" along with "the water is filthy."  Maybe due to the ongoing construction?

--- End quote ---

I should have explained it better. The water is intermittently bad. About every few weeks coffee starts coming out of the faucets.  I think they put in cheap small filters (that need to be cleaned periodically) when they changed the pipes.  Generally, the people in the building are nice and pleasant.  The management company is decent.  There are no major problems. 

Oh wow......that'll save a trip to Starbucks!

lived here for 4+ years now. I'd say i've for sure experienced the water thing, but it's nothing i'd have remembered to complain about here. if it was as bad as jh35 says i'd just talk to the super to get it sorted, he's very on top of things despite it being a huge co-op.

that laundry thing is funny. in my experience a lot of the older residents do antiquated things to the machines (which just got replaced with new units btw) such as flush them with a ton of water, or use powdered detergent (i don't get this at this point) also do things like put those new sprinkled fabric softeners in the top compartments instead of directly in the unit where they belong, leaving the product there to stink up the next persons load with a terrible perfumed smell. it's maddening and although i've never gotten into it w anyone i could see why someone might.

ppl are fine, friendly if you are for the most part. it's still nyc, i wouldn't expect pleasantville.


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