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Wondering what and why exactly is yoga all the talk?  Want to get in the know also?  Here's your chance to get a well rounded education on yoga.  No need to guess, wonder, or be lost.  Ask anything and everything you need to, this is a hands-on class, which means you'll be doing and asking and learning all at the same time. 

Here's your opportunity for a lot less of the cost of most yoga classes to finally get in the know and reap the benefits of this mind-body practice.

This 4 part series is ideal for people who have never done yoga before and/ or have limited experience, or simply want to re-connect with
the very essence and beauty of yoga.   Students will explore the history of yoga and discover its many benefits; stress relief, relaxation,
increased strength, stamina and endurance, flexibility, weight loss and so very much more.

*Each session consists of  2 hours of discussion in one of History, Philosophy, Theory; Chakra system, Meditation, Ayurveda and Nutrition, with the rest of the time in asana (posture) practice;   postures, breathing, and proper alignment along with Yoga Terms.
*Information presented, especially posture work is cumulative and therefore, it is strongly suggested that everyone who registers attend all 4 classes. 
*This series is presented by some of our studio’s highly knowledgeable and certified instructors.   Offering and bringing their knowledge and insights. 
*Our beginner‘s Yoga 101 will prepare you to feel comfortable and confident participating in any Open level Yoga class in the world!

Full Series for just - $99.00   
That's 8 hours plus of instruction for just $99.00!  We like to keep it to a small group so space is limited.  Reserve today.

Saturday September 8th from 1-:00pm begins our new session. 
Mi-Mi-for-Me-Yoga, Mind & Body Wellness Studio
76-11 37th Ave. 2nd. Fl.
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