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Easy Espanol 4 Kids: Spanish Enrichment Classes in Jackson Heights ~ SUMMER PROGRAM ~

Easy Espanol's goal is to promote visual and language literacy in Spanish at an early age, and to give students the basic language skills they will need to start using Spanish in their homes and neighborhoods. We also aim to foster an appreciation for the Spanish language and culture in our fun and casual setting. Each class incorporates grammatical instruction, vocabulary-enhancing projects, Spanish books, traditional Spanish folk songs, kinesthetic activities, games, interactive books, poetry, art and music.

Summer 2012

Spanish through the fine arts: Arts & Crafts Spanish Workshop (4-8 yrs)

The Arts & Crafts Spanish workshop will explore all kinds of creative activities and learning opportunities in Spanish. Each session focuses on a specific language theme where skills of drawing, painting, cutting and pasting will help grasp those concepts in a fun and creative environment. The program stresses the concepts of fine Hispanic art and Spanish language immersion. In each session we will explore one of the following masters: Salvador Dalí, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero ending the course with Precolombian art.

We have two sessions:
Early Summer:
06/30/12 - 07/28/12

Late Summer:
08/04/12 - 09/01/12

• Schedule: Saturdays 10:00am–11:30am
• Length: 5 weeks
• Tuition fee:$185
• Materials fee: $20 (new students)
• Place: Comunity Church 81-10 35th Av. Jackson Heights, NY

Enrollment Form:

Click here to know more about Easy Espanol 4 Kids and see our Fall Program:!

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