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"Unity Team" of elected officials
« on: January 15, 2012, 11:24:54 AM »
Looks like a productive strategy...

January 15, 2012
Boro electeds form ‘Unity Team’ to foster communication
By Rebecca Henely
It is common in Queens for elected officials to hold events together, but when the representatives of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, Corona and East Elmhurst held their holiday party this year, they listed their involvement under the name “Unity Team.”

“We realized that we’re younger, we’re a new group of people — at least in new offices — and we feel that government officers should work together for the benefit of the community,” state Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D-Jackson Heights) said.

The Unity Team is an informal partnership formed between the state and city officials for the four neighborhoods around early 2010.

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Re: "Unity Team" of elected officials
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It's great that they are communicating and working together on issues of importance to our communities, but it seems that an idea like this only a matter of common sense, given that these elected officials are always from the Democratic party. Perhaps the formation of this "Unity Team" will also discourage any potential for corruption among them, since if any one of them gets caught in a scandal, all the others might find their reputations tarnished as well.

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Re: "Unity Team" of elected officials
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