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I have the air conditioner on.  That's because we get heat every day.  We had major work done to the tune of
$3,750,000.  When the hurricane Irene arrived 92 apartments have serious water damage and mold.  We get heat because the owners won't purchase portable heaters since they have no money so were spending thousands on fuel. 

I sold my apartment in one day to my Nephew for $150,000. If anyone is planning to purchase here wait at least 6 months.  All three buildings are fabulous and people here are nice.  This is ultra quality especially 3525 77th St.  Prices are coming down so wait even one year.  Lobby and Halls here are Waldorf Astoria.  I strongly recommend apartments facing Garden.  The Staff is incredible and so is the Board of Directors and a great Managing Agent.  Our staff is just as good as any fine building in Manhattan. 

Another favorite is all three Belvedere's.  Just as good and much lower maintenance.  I pay $725, Belvedere is $525.  Very low Mortgage.  They should pay it off and convert to Condominiums and values would almost double.  The building that I really like is Terrace View.  They have same maint but have 24 hour Doorman, Parking and a Gym and a fabulous area.

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