Author Topic: Public forum about improving service on the 7 train, April 2 and 9  (Read 1563 times)

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The MTA has decided to launch a new program to help improve services on the 7 train line. Senator John Sabini, in his role as Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee, has asked the manager of the 7 line, Lou Brusati, to hold two public forums to address questions about the operation of the 7 line.

English forum: April 2 from 7-9pm a the JH Jewish Center (37-06 77th St.)
Bilingual forum for Spanish speakers: April 9 from 7-9pm at PS 19 (99th St and Roosevelt Ave)

more info: contact Sabini's office at 718-639-8469

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Re: Public forum about improving service on the 7 train, April 2 and 9
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2008, 07:54:10 PM »
Thanks for posting this info.

I won't be able to attend the meeting, but I will call Sabini's office and let him know that yet another JH resident thinks it is ABSURD that the 7 express train does not stop at 74th street. 

Also, I am a native English speaker, and I can't understand the announcements on the platforms.  Given that most of the riders are not native English speakers, I think that means nobody understands them.

On the up side, I love the new JH station, and the elevators are almost always working.  Which makes being a middle-aged mom hauling a stroller much easier.  I also think that 74th street has the best musicians in Queens, and is second only, perhaps to the great subway music hubs such as Union Square and 53 & Lex.