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Heat In My Apartment
« on: Yesterday at 02:04:37 PM »
I have an unusual problem with the heat, I get way too much.    I went away for Thanksgiving , and when I returned two pf my plants were completely dried out. I was off last Tuesday and Wednesday and during the the day the heat would come on every hour, It was unbearable and I  came down with a sinus infection due to the ultra dry air.  They were pouring on the heat it was 1974.   In the past due to the rise in heating oil the building had put the heater on a timer.  What is the heat situation in other buildings? I was under the impression buildings on put heat on in the morning and  the evening. 

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Re: Heat In My Apartment
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it's feast or famine in our building. the heat is supposedly set on a timer, with each "zone" (in my case, the C, D and E units) getting its blast every so often. it's on right now, for the past ten or so minutes, and was on previously around 9 or 9:30 for a bit. there are days where it seems like we go 12 hours without, and days where it is almost every hour on the hour.

we can't keep plants by the windows -- where they need to be, if they need light. so i've defaulted to low-light ones. fwiw, i love the heat, my partner, not so much.

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Re: Heat In My Apartment
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Heat timers are wonderful......if a bit tricky.  Someone in the building needs to sit down with the directions and learn how to operate the device.  When they are in good working order and set properly, they should provide an even, steady heat throughout the day and should not need to be adjusted with the changing outside it 50 degrees.......or -10 degrees.

Once we got ours in good working order and set properly, we have been comfortable from morning 'til night.

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Re: Heat In My Apartment
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What prevents you from turning off the radiator in one or two rooms to keep the temperature within your unit from getting excessive? Or cracking open a window or two, although that would admittedly be a waste of energy.

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Re: Heat In My Apartment
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