Author Topic: inquiry: looking for people who know the lgbt history of jackson heights  (Read 2269 times)

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Hello Everybody,

I am new to the site but not new to the neighborhood. (By the way, this is a double posting as I do need to get the word out.)

I am working on a documentary about the Queens Pride Parade and the story of Julio Rivera, who many of you know was murdered in 1990 in the back of the P.S. 69 schoolyard. As part of the documentary I am looking for people who knew Julio and would be interested in talking about Julio as a person (versus Julio as an historical figure). Ideally, I would like people who are his peers who can speak to the experience of being gay in the neighborhood in the 80s, the scene, daily life... though everyone is welcome.

Also, I would like to speak to older people who knew the neighborhood in the 70s and 60s ... and, possibly the 50s! I know the gay history of the neighborhood goes way back and I am looking to find people who can talk about those years.

FYI, some of you may know me ... my name is Richard Shpuntoff, and yes I do know Alan Sack and Danny Dromm well and am interviewing them for the documentary so there is no need to point me in their direction.

I very much look forward to hearing people's comments and getting more insight.


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