Author Topic: Any raw foods, fermenting, homebrewing people out there?  (Read 1154 times)

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Any raw foods, fermenting, homebrewing people out there?
« on: July 20, 2009, 10:00:56 AM »
Hello, neighbors!

My fiance and I recently moved to the neighborhood (we love it). We were wondering whether there are any raw foodists or home-fermenters or homebrewers or kombucha growers in the area. If so, we'd love to compare notes with you and maybe share some cultures!

We are wannabe raw foodists, eating organic and raw when we are able. We're not crazies, however, and we do eat the occasional slice of pizza or tasty foods at local restaurants. We  are not vegetarians, though we don't eat meat in quantity and always choose humane, healthy and (preferably) local sources. We are familiar with the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines, but we don't go overboard with that sort of thing, either (we drink caffeine and alcohol in moderation). We do own a copy of Nourishing Traditions!

We are also avid fermenters and have made our own kraut and various brews in the past. We plan to make spicy kim chi in a Harsch crock in the very near future. We use a lot of recipes found in Sandor Katz's book Wild Fermentation. In the past, we grew kombucha for several years, and we want to get our operation started up again. If anyone has a spare culture sitting around, such a thing would be greatly appreciated! We also culture our own dairy and grow our own sprouts, when possible.

The two of us want to get a beer homebrew operation up and running soon. We're both novices to this world, though, and so if there's anyone out there with experience who could offer some tricks of the trade, such information would be invaluable. We've read a lot on the subject, but reading and doing are sometimes different things.

I looked in the "groups" list and I didn't see any sort of organization in this neighborhood with these sorts of interests. Is there one out there? I wasn't sure whether to post this thread here or in the "food" section, so I apologize if I've transgressed the forum boundaries.

Thanks!  :)

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Any raw foods, fermenting, homebrewing people out there?
« on: July 20, 2009, 10:00:56 AM »