Author Topic: Great JH space with 1BR and 2 living rooms (or 2BR and one living room)  (Read 1139 times)

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I am vacating an extremely nice apartment at the corner of 83rd and 34th ave.  I'm not a broker or a sublessor but because I'm leaving on short notice, I'm trying to help the landlord find a new tenant for July.

Technically it is a 1-BR, but it has two large separate-but-adjacent "living rooms" (divided by French doors) and the whole place is extremely spacious (I don't know the square footage offhand, but I'm guessing 1000), high ceilings, courtyard overlooking the garden, windows on north and south sides.  It has a nice kitchen and a large bathroom.  Windows all over the place. 

I'm not subletting and this is not any kind of annoying CL scam.

Please e-mail me at (I'll give you my phone number via e-mail, I'd rather not post it here).  The rent will be $1500 but I'd be very surprised if you couldn't get it down to $1400, maybe even lower.

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