Author Topic: Crime in Queens in the "good old days"  (Read 3692 times)

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Crime in Queens in the "good old days"
« on: March 15, 2009, 08:09:22 PM »
There's a website where you can read news from the early 1900s.  I browsed around a little to see what was going on in Jackson Heights around 1930.  (The ones at the end are from Manhattan)

Kal WULFELD, 21, 142 West Ninety-fifth street, Manhattan, and Viggo ANDERSON, 26, same address were sentenced to serve terms of from two to four years each.  They pleaded guilty to the hold-up and robbery of a taxicab driver in Jackson Heights.   

An indefinite term in Welfare Island Penitentiary was given to John VENEZI, 45, 171 Clinton street, Brooklyn.  He admitted appropriating for his own use $448 that he collected as rents in a Woodside apartment.

Pasquale PREVETTE, 21, 104-20 Martense street, Corona, was given a 60-day term in the workhouse.  He was convicted on an assault charge.

Nathan FEGAN, 35, 29-29 West Twenty-fifth street, Coney Island, was sentenced to serve six years in Sing Sing by Queens County Judge ADEL yesterday.  He was convicted of stealing scrap gold valued at $500 from the dental office of Dr. Samuel DRELLICH, 34-15 Jamaica avenue, Astoria. FAGAN's record shows that he served a term in Federal Prison for robbing the

A suspended sentence was given Kar DECKER, 19,  He confessed to the theft of an automobile belonging to Herbert KATZWINKEL, of 190-07 Thirty-third avenue, Flushing.

Charged with assault and robbery, Anthony SAVIA, 28, of 49 Morris avenue, Bronx, will be given a hearing in Ridgewood Magistrate's court today. According to police he is one of two men who on Aug. 19 waylaid John B. FURLONG, realtor, in front of his home at 109-10 Penbrooke place, Kew Gardens, threw a bog over his head and carried him off in an automobile.  They then robbed him of a watch and chain and $25 in cash and threw him from the car.

5 June 1928
    One woman was killed and 3 persons were injured last night in a collision between a hit and run automobile and a taxicab at 35th. ave. and 82nd. st., Jackson Heights.   The victim was Mrs. Emma ZIMMERMAN, 61, of 91-19 35th. ave. Jackson
Heights. She died while being taken to St. John's Hospital, of a skull fracture. The injured are: Henry ZIMMERMAN, 61,  the dead womans husband, possible fracture of the shoulder, fractured ribs and lacerstions of the scalp.
      A half hour after the accident Detective Thomas BEDDINGTON, of Newtown station arrested Ernest RAHMEYER, 19, of 211 Broadway, Elhurst at his home. He was held for a hearing in Flushing court on charges of homocide, leaving the scene of an accident and driving an automoble without an operator's license.
      The automobile in which he had been driving, according to police, and which had crashed into the taxicab was found in the garage at Roosevelt ave. and 79th. st., Jackson Heights. A motorist who saw the crash followed RAHMEYER'S car, saw the boy put the car into a garage and then followed him to his house. This motorist, whose name was not learned, then drove to the Newtown station, told the detective of the accident and took him to the RAHMEYER"S home where the boy was arrested.
5 January 1894
Arthur H. YAMIN, who is also known as "Big Otto" was locked up in the Queens County jail last night, on suspicion of being implicated in the late masked burglaries at Woodside and Long Island City.

and a few from Manhattan:
4 January 1894
Policeman Thomas WHALEN, of the E. 104th St. Station, N.Y. was assualted in front 0f 2051 1st Ave., Tuesday by 10 young men, who are known as "The 1st Ave. Toughs" Thomas HINES, one of the gang siezed an iron pot that was outside the door and struck WHALEN over the right eye. WHALEN was carried into the store unconcious and a ambulance was sent for. He was taken to the Station House where Dr. MCGOVERN put 8 stitches in his wound. HINES was arrested and held for examination in the Harlem Police Court.
8 October 1931
One man was killed and two men and a woman were badly beaten up in a speakeasy brawl at 503 East Sixth street, Manhattan, today, caused when Matilda PRASCH, friend of the proprietor, learning that the resort in which she had $500 invested had been padlocked, went back there with three men to collect $500 worth of liquor. Robert GEBERT, 38 a seaman living at the Mills Hotel, was stabbed in the neck, and bled to death on the mudguard of a car parked in front of the speakeasy.

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Re: Crime in Queens in the "good old days"
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There's a website where you can read news from the early 1900s.  I browsed around a little to see what was going on in Jackson Heights around 1930.

Did you get the impression that things were quite as bad then, in Jackson Heights, as they are now?

Jackson Heights Life

Re: Crime in Queens in the "good old days"
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2010, 04:10:34 PM »