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Has anyone ever had success contacting Jessica Ramos's office? I've written to her office twice about important matters, asking specific questions, and didn't even get an acknowledgement, even when I followed up. I really do not appreciate the lack of responsiveness of local representatives.

This is one of the many things I really value about Danny Dromm -- his staff responds to constituents.

I emailed her about volunteering opportunities with food distribution. I never heard back.

Over the summer I emailed all of our elected officials about sanitation issues along 37th Avenue, and other concerns owing to the pandemic.  The only one who NEVER responded was Ms. Ramos' office.

Don't know why.  Obviously way too busy doing other things than listening to the needs of her constituents.

Pathetic and sad.  We need new blood and primaries each election!  Choice matters.

I have contacted her office a couple of times and never got a response of any kind.

Yes, I was in touch with Senator Ramos's office about unemployment benefits back in the spring, and her office was responsive. I don't think it helped much since the system was overwhelmed at the time, but I figured since she is the Chair of the Labor Committee, hearing from another constituent waiting weeks and weeks for PUA would be helpful.


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