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Re: DOT Loading Zones
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This is a great idea!  I really hope they bring this to our block.  I'm so tired of all the problems caused by on street parking, including the backed up traffic, the constant honking, the inability of emergency vehicles to get through, the endless alarms, etc.  The DOT needs to continue to bring this type of creative and solutions oriented thinking!

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Re: DOT Loading Zones
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Since it seems ok to discuss the parking permit idea in this goes:

In certain areas in San Francisco people pay $152/year/permit to park their car in their neighborhood. 4 permits are allowed per household.

Short term permits can also be purchased in 2, 4, 6, & 8 week increments..say if you have guests or have workers coming for a project etc. You can also buy single day permits for guests visiting for the day.
Imagine what we could do with $152/car/year just in JHs alone? And perhaps people that come from outlying areas to shop or dine in JH can buy the permit through the store or restaurant they are visiting. On this application it looks like it might cost $7 for the day. Might this encourage people to car pool in from LI to shop? Or maybe folks will come to shop and dine to maximize the $7 fee? Or maybe, just maybe people will use mass transit, especially when we are post-pandemic?

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Re: DOT Loading Zones
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