Author Topic: Possible package/credit card fraud  (Read 399 times)

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Possible package/credit card fraud
« on: October 14, 2020, 01:20:05 PM »
For quite a while now, we have been receiving packages to our home (we own and have no tenants) with different names. We usually call the number on the front of the package and the person who it was addressed to comes to retrieve it. One woman had three large gap orders three days in a row shipped to our house. We thought we were being neighborly by calling/tracking them etc. Lately it's becoming more and more frequent. We also noticed our neighbor's (both now deceased) home receiving packages with different names and their address. At first I thought it was a mistake on the shippers end but after receiving yet another package yesterday, realize that there has to be more to this. I googled and found some articles stating that scammers now use stolen credit cards and ship packages to different addresses and retrieve them there. Has this happened to anyone else? From now on I am going to call the company who delivered and asked what address was used to make the purchase. I don't want to be a unsuspecting middleman to a crime!

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Re: Possible package/credit card fraud
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Better yet, place in post box with "return to sender" :D I mean, you're not doing anything bad by returning the packages... just inconveniencing what might be a credit card fraudster. (Hasn't happened to me...yet)

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Re: Possible package/credit card fraud
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