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 Give a listen to Alfonso Quiroz interviewing Alberto Lopez about how the Capulli Mexican Dance Company is dealing with creative ways to work in the pandemic. His spirit is so generous and inspirational at this time. Also check out the Capulli web site which is terrific and this week has some fantastically visual dances online with beautiful choreography, costumes and locations. Dia de los Muertas is gorgeous!!

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  One more thing here. Teaching artists can contact Capulli about a workshop that might be of interest
for those working remotely. I have only seen the company live but these offerings stand out as engaging subjects for online learning. Their website has lots of info but check this out:
  Instructional Workshop about a Traditional Mexican Dance
Teaching Artists lead an interaction-based program in which a select number of dances (1-2) are explored through their movement attributes. The selection of dances are performed by the Teaching Artists and then audiences learn simplified movements, use props, and discuss the cultural backgrounds of each dance. Dances include “La bamba,” a 100-year old wedding dance from the state of Veracruz, and “El jarabe tapatio,” better-known as the Mexican hat dance, is choreographed with instructional aids. A variety of dances are available to correspond with the goals of the event. The workshop is suitable for an audience size as large as 30 individuals.

Professional development workshops are also available for educators who wish to work with Calpulli Teaching Artists.
Residencies with Calpulli Mexican Dance Program
Residencies are extended engagements with Calpulli Teaching Artists in which lessons in the classroom are complimented by dance curriculum. Classes meet for one or more sessions per week for several weeks culminating with a student performance.

Calpulli works closely with faculty to develop lesson plans and goals for the residency. Calpulli is also able to provide professional costumes for student performances.

Residencies have multiple goals for students, teachers, and even parents and the community. They also have multiple benefits. Teaching Artists with Calpulli have diverse backgrounds in dance including, of course, Mexican traditional dance expertise, ballet, and Teaching Artist training. Calpulli also applies the NYC DOE Blueprint for Dance to develop lesson plans and align with state and local teaching standards.

Lecture-Demonstrations and Workshops (as above) with Live Music
The unique genres of music that inspire dance are presented by the Calpulli Musicians. Live music enhances the performance experience and provides a rich source of educational content. Musical genres are explored via instrumentation and performance, and dances are performed with accompaniment.

Indigenous music, Mariachi and Coastal rhythms are just a few genres available.

Customized Programs
Calpulli is receptive to developing educational programs that meet specific needs and goals. Previously, Calpulli has developed unique programs jointly with educators that include the following:

Costume-Making Workshops, Spanish Language through Dance, Parents as Arts Partners Workshops, Professional Development, and Workshops for Educators.

Please contact us with your ideas!

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