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How is the current real estate market in Jackson Heights?  I see quite a few listings in the area and I have anecdotal evidence that a  lot of people are moving out of the area.  I know the  Catskill and Pocono real estate markets are currently red hot.

people are moving out and being replaced, judging by what i've seen. remember, our neighborhood is still a comparative bargain inside NYC. and despite what doomsayers are floating, NYC isn't likely to turn into Detroit or Schenectady anytime soon.

I spent a year in the poconos one weekend.


--- Quote from: pynchoff on September 08, 2020, 07:30:38 AM ---I spent a year in the poconos one weekend.

--- End quote ---


Real estate prices are decreasing across the board in NYC.

Including in Jackson Heights.

Maybe up to 10% at the moment?

We are part of NYC. Not separate in any way.

What happens to NYC happens to us.

Thinking any other way is parochial.


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