Author Topic: Nine stories not enough, city planners approve four more at "Target" building  (Read 24611 times)

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At this stage, we need to be grateful if any establishments survive the seemingly endless COVID 19 restrictions.

Corporate or not.

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In a move as if to puposefully annoy the anti-corporates ...

The new development on 82nd St now has a STARBUCKS next to the Target which will adjoin Chipotle.

I'll be the first in line to order my almond milk latte

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Sorry, didn't realize I was responding to a post from last year. Deleted.

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Does anyone know when target is going to open?

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Does anyone know when target is going to open?
On Target's website, there are two categories for upcoming store openings -- 2020 store openings, and future store openings. The JH Target is listed under future store openings, so that implies it won't be opening til January or after.

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