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Condo Bldg on Leverich


Hi. I see several apartments are for sale at the condo building at 35-20 Leverich St. Anyone have any intel on the building?

Is it in good shape financially? Well run? Anyone have a sense of how many apartments are rented versus owner occupied?


 Always loved that they have a pool but heard it wasn't open this summer. That would change things for me because people don't like to pay for amenities that they can't use and the prices there seem a bit high for the neighborhood.

Two of my close friends used to live in the building before moving to Florida and they both liked it a lot.  I've been at the pool and it was very nice.  It is a unique amenity for the area and it adds value to the building. Both of my friends used the pool quite a bit.  It is a condo, not a coop so you have to compare  prices with other condos.  I haven't been in the building in a number of years but I know the building has parking (more value), laundry on every floor and it used to have a doorman.


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