Author Topic: Recommendation wanted for a good local appliance (fridge) repair service  (Read 663 times)

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Can someone recommend  a good local appliance (fridge) repair service?

Our fridge is malfunctioning; won’t get much below 55°F even on the 2nd coldest setting..... and it’s out of warranty. We’ve turned it on and off again, made sure the doors seal, cleaned the coils & fan at the rear, and the freezer works well….ie. the compressor works well…..

We think it’s either the board, the defrost system, thermistor/thermostat, evap fan motor, damper control assembly etc.  etc. I can't examine all of these, and  want someone skilled diagnose the actual problem & repair it   instead of me poking around and breaking it (more).

We want someone trustworthy with good recommendations…and   local because we’re gonna have to have 2 visits and ideally we don’t want the person to have to travel far (=$$).One visit to diagnose, then order parts and one to install the fix.

(FWIW: A fridge that won’t go below 55°F isn’t very hygienic for long term storage of food=food poisoning/spoilage!  We will have ourselves masked AND distanced from the repair person for as long as possible, with a window open in the kitchen and a fan blowing air out…)

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I hope you found a solution by now, as I am seeing this a while after it was written. I had a problem with my dishwasher, and was very happy with Cesar's Appliance Repair. He has a website and his phone number (from the magnet I took) is 917-995-1285. He was able to solve my problem cheaply and then threw in some free help with my own fridge. Good luck!

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