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3BR - what's realistic?
« on: December 22, 2008, 08:33:32 PM »
Hi everyone! I currently live in Astoria in a 3BR with two roommates, and we are all moving together to a new place next month because our building switched owners and is booting everyone out to do some major renovations. So now we're on an apartment hunt that will primarily take place next month. I sort of expect that we're priced out of Astoria, so I'm looking at Jackson Heights. Our current place is very large and centrally located. We'd like another place that fits that description while paying under $2,000/month. We don't need much in the way of apartment amenities as long as it's not a dump, and as long as we're near grocery stores, the subway (preferably by the Roosevelt Ave stop), and ideally near a decent gym. Does this sound like a realistic expectation?

Oh, and a 2BR could also work provided that it is very large and spacious.

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Re: 3BR - what's realistic?
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It sounds realistic to me, but I have never done an apartment search in JH for a rental so I am no expert.

I have heard good things about the Washington Plaza building (rentals).  It's fairly close to the Roosevelt stop and is only 2 blocks or so from Trade Fair, Met etc.

There's more info here

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Re: 3BR - what's realistic?
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2008, 09:14:44 AM »
I casually know someone who has lived in a very large rental building for 30+ years and speaks well of the building.  Its the entire block from 83rd to 84th St on 37th Ave (Taco Bell on ground floor).  Entrances are on 83rd St & 84th St.  Its owned and managed by Bruson which is located in the Bruson Bldg at 7409 37th Ave.  They own other rental buildings in JH's. 

I would prefer Washington Plaza if I was looking for a rental but they may not have anything.  Good Luck. 

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Re: 3BR - what's realistic?
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Hello We have been looking to either buy or rent and a three br in jH for under  $2000 will be a dump or a studio converted into a 3 BR. We've looked at alot of buildings. There are alot of private 2 families for rent but the ones we saw had roaches. Most 3 Br's we have seen have been around 2400  rental and over 350k for sale.Jackson Heights is second to Forest hills in terms of pricing etc. I would keep looking in Astoria  good luck

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Re: 3BR - what's realistic?
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