Author Topic: Anyone see a fight in 74th St (between 34 ave and 35 ave, across from IS230)?  (Read 524 times)

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I saw a fight around 1 pm (?) on Wednesday May 20 (yesterday). It was on 74th St, a little south of 34 Ave, across from IS230.

There was yelling, and a man was sitting on the ground, while another one had him in a (I think) chokehold. He held him for maybe 10 minutes until the police showed up. I assume the man being held was some sort of criminal, because police took him in handcuffs and some people were clapping.

Did anyone else see this? Anyone know what this was all about?

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Maybe check the Citizens app if you have it? I used to have it but deleted it because I couldn't figure out how to look at it at my leisure, without it sending me alerts all the time.

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