Author Topic: Making JH Count in the 2020 Census  (Read 152 times)

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Making JH Count in the 2020 Census
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The 2020 Census gets underway in a couple of weeks!

It is essential that our neighborhood is fully and accurately counted -- every adult and child residing here, regardless of citizenship status.  These counts are the basis of important decisions regarding representation in government, school districting, and distribution of government services and resources.  Over the coming weeks, there will be extensive efforts to reach out to the community to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to respond.  This thread is for posting information about those efforts.  Discussion of the politics surrounding the census should go elsewhere).

Here are some basic resources to start:
Article on NYC's plans to boost Census turnout
Ocasio-Cortez, Miranda Use Star Power to Promote NYC Census
NYC's Census Webpage

If you're interested in helping with outreach, the city especially needs volunteers who can talk with some of the limited English proficiency residents of the neighborhood.   You can fill out this form to volunteer:

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Making JH Count in the 2020 Census
« on: Yesterday at 08:31:38 AM »