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Re: Spectrum Sevice Issues
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I have been hoping for FIOS but for some reason it's not available on my block (77th street). Those of you who do have FIOS, how did you get it? Thanks in advance!

There are several things you can try

1. Apply for FiOS on the Verizon website even though you know it isn't available - eventually they should show you a 4 or 5 stage status page which says what the actual status of your building is (e.g. something like "waiting for approval", "construction started", etc)

2. If you are in the initial "waiting for approval" stage, confirm with Verizon and with your building what the problem is. Has Verizon sent paperwork that the building didn't respond to? Does Verizon know where to send paperwork to? Etc. The easiest way to do this is to escalate with Verizon via the 311 complaint website, make a complaint and someone from Verizon Executive Relations should call you. Try

3. If Verizon has been approved by your building but you have been waiting for construction for a long time, you could try making additional complaints via 311. It might also help if more people in your building try to apply for FiOS on the Verizon website (step 1).

r is correct.

The Fios cable was put into the streets of JH years ago. It has been available for years and is not in some of the larger buildings because the management did not sign off on it. The building across the street from mine has had FIOS for years.

My building is getting FIOS installed now because the building signed on, after renovating the halls. They could have signed on at any time during the past few years but did not want to since they were going through a co-op conversion.

Complain to 311 and the FIOS people will contact the management of your building. There is nothing FIOS can do if the building says no.

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Re: Spectrum Sevice Issues
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FIOS was installed in our building about three years back. i have Spectrum and am happy with it, so i can't  vouch for the service, but i can say their boxes and wiring have a much larger footprint.

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Re: Spectrum Sevice Issues
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