Author Topic: What ever became of the dispute regarding Travers Park and the Mazda dealership?  (Read 1110 times)

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I saw there was significant opposition and even a story run on one of the major news channels, however I have not heard a peep in several months regarding this issue.

Sad that a great neighborhood has so little park (less than almost any other nyc neighborhood I have read) and would not be able to have this small space for kids (and even adults) to use/stroll through. Like queens is deficient in car dealerships or something. Anyway if anyone knows what the outcome was please chime in. Resident since 2000, first time poster :)

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It’s clear the dealership won. That part of construction is finished and it ends giving Mazda ample space for garage and street parking their cars.  It’s sad the local politicians didn’t even try to compromise. Like we will give you this small street if you donate something nice for the park.

Those repulsive port a potties, which are a health hazard.  Should at least be placed down by the corner of the dealership.  Not right next to the children’s swings. 

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The park is a big improvement over what it was, and 78th is permanently blocked to car traffic which seems like a big win.  I really don't understand what the extension of that small stretch of street would add.  The complaints just seem like a case of "I just wanted this and didn't get it and now I'm pissed" syndrome.

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I couldn't agree more.

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A lot of people will now never buy a car from Koeppel Mazda, and a lot of other people don't care. It depends whether you have kids or not.

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The horrible commercial they've got running now is reason enough not to buy a car from them.  Although, the Mazda 3's and Mazda CX-3's do look pretty cool.

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