Author Topic: Recommending hair colorist/cutter, who I wrote about in the NYTimes  (Read 335 times)

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I found it so difficult to find a hair colorist who can give me the color and amount of highlighting that I want, charges reasonable prices, is not far, in Queens, and who is emotionally well-adjusted, that when I did I published an account of that in the NYTimes Metropolitan Diary. 
Hair Tip on the No. 7

But the Times wouldn't mention her by name.  Now that I have been happy with her for almost two years I want to share her name.

Alma, at Crystal's Salon
3806A Crescent Street, Astoria
718 706-6390

She's not in JHts, but close enough on the #7, a few blocks north of Queensboro Plaza.  A one or two chair salon (when her adult daughter works at the other chair).  Makes appointments, but unless you come in the morning or early afternoon, there may be a wait anyway, and I'm there between 2-3 hours.  She has a big local following.  Mexican-born, fluent in English, very nice middle-aged person with three children, very smart about hair and how you can and cannot treat it.  VERY reasonably priced, takes credit cards without regret, but I have been giving her cash. 

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