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A message from Assembly Member Den Dekker
« on: March 27, 2020, 09:39:52 AM »
A message from Assembly Member Den Dekker

Here's a rundown of some of the things my office and I did today:

Today was a very sad day for our community. 13 people died within 24 hours at Elmhurst Hospital due to complications from COVID-19. The New York Times published a report alerting the public to conditions inside the hospital. In response, I joined with Assembly Member Catalina Cruz NY and Assembly Member Jeffrion Aubry to reach out directly to the Governor’s Office to address this urgent issue. After that discussion, the New York City Mayor's Office and NYC Health + Hospitals President/CEO Dr. Mitchell Katz held a conference call with the entire Queens Assembly delegation so that we could voice our concerns. The City added additional medical personnel and sent additional supplies -- including 40 ventilators -- to Elmhurst Hospital, and transferred some non-critical patients to other facilities to remedy the immediate situation. The State has also offered additional resources if needed. We are closely monitoring the situation and hope that those who are ill make a full recovery.

I have also been discussing potential locations to set up more hospital beds in our area to handle the surge of patients. I have spoken with Assembly Member Aubry about using the former locations of Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica and Parkway Hospital in Forest Hills; both buildings are currently vacant. I also explored the possibility of using the old Sports Authority building on Northern Boulevard in Woodside with Assembly Member Brian Barnwell.

I am also concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak that is currently happening on Rikers Island. I am happy that Mayor de Blasio is attempting to address this issue by releasing non-violent incarcerated persons and those with pre-existing conditions to avoid infecting them with COVID-19. I am fearful, however, that Corrections Officers and other Department of Corrections personnel, incarcerated people, and visitors could potentially still contract COVID-19 at Rikers Island. I wrote a letter to Mayor de Blasio urging him to immediately set up testing facilities at Rikers Island so that we can test as many people as possible so we can halt the spread of Coronavirus on Rikers Island.

I took part in a separate conference call with the Queens Assembly delegation about the state budget. I also had conversations with some of my other colleagues regarding the budget, including Assembly Speaker Heastie; the deadline to pass the budget is April 1st.

I am proud to announce that I have co-sponsored Assembly Member Yuh-Line Niou's bill, A10224, that would suspend rent collection so that we can provide relief to individuals who lost their incomes as a result of all non-essential businesses being shuttered.

Finally, my office has been fielding calls all day and assisting constituents with SCRIE, DRIE, unemployment claims, and information on small business assistance. If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, feel free to call my office at (718) 457-0384, email at, or Facebook Message us.A me

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A message from Assembly Member Den Dekker
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