Author Topic: Seeking recommendations for apartment cleaner AND payment rate  (Read 357 times)

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I again have need for house cleaner, ours is leaving town. Seeking referrals to a part-time, every three weeks house cleaner AND what the going rate is.  We were paying $100 for four hours, five rooms, one and half baths, but who had no initiative to clean items or places unless directly told to.  Seeking a skilled person who doesn't have to have light switches and blender pointed out as with finger smudges, thus to be cleaned.  I've contacted Coty, recently recommended.  Any others?  And what to pay?  I think $20/hour is reasonable, will pay $25 for expertise.

Hubby says I didn't "monitor" the house cleaner enough.  How much do you review the work while being done?  I don't want to have to do that -- want to be able to count on someone to be on her own to thoroughly clean floors and surfaces while I am otherwise occupied.

Thanks in advance for your views and suggestions,

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