Author Topic: new JHBG Podcast on Jackson Heights History with Dan Karatzas, tours June 8-9th  (Read 1267 times)

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  If you are one of those people who wonders how our neighborhood came to be, carve out about
a half hour of your time to hear details from our own Jackson Heights historian, Daniel Karatzas.
You may know the beginning of the story- that were are the first planned garden and co-op
apartment community in America - but there is much more to learn about the hood. The Historic
tours, slide lecture and exhibition of memorabilia and the private garden tours are all next
weekend June 8th and 9th. Children's art posters on the theme of Jackson Heights gardens are
on display now throughout the neighborhood especially along 37th Avenue. Along with the JH
Pride parade and our annual Halloween Parade, this is one special weekend of celebration.Try
both tours as they are each unique and so fun!

  Take a listen to Dan speaking with our host, Alfonso Quiros, about the history
of Jackson Heights in this new podcast.

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Great podcast, thanks for sharing!

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Any chance we can get this podcast feed uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher?

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  I've asked the makers about this and they are working on it...

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Arriving late, and would love to hear it. The link has expired. Is there another way to listen?

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 Try this one. I went back into SoundCloud and copied this one from the Jackson Heights
Beautification Group's collection of podcasts.

Jackson Heights Life