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Noticed a sign up in the former Appetito store. Anyone know anything about it? And YES to cheese!!!

Cheese is a dying food market. I predict within 10 years, half the population will look at cheese in disgust as more become educated on the goodness of plant based foods. After all, cheese is made from the milk of cows (usually) whose milk is meant for their newborns... but instead stolen so humans can make dairy products from it. Imagine that! Soon we will have cheese museums and meat museums so future generations can see just how barbaric this generation was.

Totally not for a cheese store in this neighborhood.

the only really moral diet is the Jain one. no root veg, since we kill billions of living creatures yearly by using root vegetables.

Well, I for one am thrilled with the new addition. I love cheese, I won't hate it in 10 years, and I strive every day to have a positive and welcoming outlook, unlike you two.

Welcome to the neighborhood.

I hope they carry compte. No compte for miles. I found it last in LIC seven years ago.


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