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Looking for Photos of Homes on 24th Ave between 80 & 81 St before 1957


My family owned a home for several decades at 80-18 24th Ave. In 1957, the city bought out the house via eminent domain to put up a landing light  for LaGuardia Airport. The 1940s tax photos do not have an accurate photo of this particular house, which was located on block 1044, lot 9, the corner of 81st St and 24th Ave.

It looked like this on the 1980 tax photo.;sort:borough%2Cblock%2Clot%2Ceasement;lc:RECORDSPHOTOUNITQUE~1~1&mi=11&trs=12

If anyone has a photo of this corner prior to 1957, would appreciate it.

My mother has identified the house that my family lived at 80-18 24th Ave before the city took over the property via eminent domain for the airport landing lights. The property is now part of Landing Lights Park.;sort:borough%2Cblock%2Clot%2Czip_code;lc:NYCMA~9~9&mi=29&trs=30

oh wow, it must be so cool to unearth this kind of family history. many, many years ago, in my first nyc apartment (on sixth street off avenue D), the doorbell rang one afternoon and a very elderly man asked if he could come in, saying he'd been born in our ground floor apartment years before -- this was 1983 and he was in his eighties. he told me and my friend all sorts of stories about the place, the judge who occupied the other two floors with his family, and he seemed so thankful to be back "home."

The house wasn't identified correctly on the NYC Municipal Archives tax photos, so that made it hard to confirm. But yes, finally, I can see the house that my parents lived in when they first married, where I and my brother first lived, and my uncle and grandparents.


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