Author Topic: Learn to Teach Mindfulness to Children - Training Program in NYC  (Read 394 times)

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For Parents and Youth Professionals
Application Deadline 8/24
Begins September 14

This six-month intensive training provides educators, therapists, counselors and other youth professionals including parents, with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to effectively teach mindfulness and compassion techniques to children aged 5-17.  The program has been created and is directed by Heidi Marben, PsyD., a child psychologist who developed and teaches the mindfulness program for lower school students at Trinity School in New York City.
This program will enable you to cultivate an environment where children can build resilience and reduce stress, while promoting stronger relationships through better communication, patience, self-compassion and kindness with one another.

The Interdependence Project
28 West 27th Street, Suite 704
Between Broadway and 6th Avenue


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