Author Topic: Live Music debuts at The Queensboro with the Jonny Meyers Trio Friday, Aug 3rd  (Read 276 times)

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****Jonny Meyers Trio to be the first band to headline
The Queensboro Bar - Friday, August 3rd, 10pm****

If you know me, you know that I'm very proud of the neighborhood I lay my head in each night...Jackson Heights, Queens. When I returned to NYC in 2007, the people I met in Jackson Heights made me feel like many new things were about to happen, and the return was meant to be.

One of these early friends was a fellow new dad, Dudley. Dudley gave you the most genuine vibes each and every time you ran into him. He came to hear me play many times and showed a sincere interest in my musical past and present.

Dudley and his partners Mike and Tony (chef) recently opened a beautiful bar/restaurant that embodies the very things that make Jackson Heights unique - food & flavor, language & culture, history & movement. The Queensboro Bar is the kind of place the neighborhood has been longing for and this Friday, they honor me by having my trio be the first band to play this incredible space.

I highly recommend you come support The Queensboro this Friday night. They serve fantastic food, great cocktails and have a wide range of beer and wine for all tastes. We'll be rocking out several sets of original music, born and bred in Jackson Heights. Come on out and support it all!!!

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