Author Topic: Nine stories not enough, city planners approve four more at "Target" building  (Read 10717 times)

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It's official. The BSA voted to uphold the Elmhurst Target this morning, per a tweet from The City's Christine Chung.


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Not sure if this is just noise after a loss, but the QNU group seems to plan on continuing the fight against the Target development:

From the Jackson heights Post:

Target Coming to Elmhurst, Building Plans Approved by BSA

QNU, which has been leading the charge to prevent the development, expressed its disappointment following the vote. The group argues that the Target store would contribute to the displacement of residents and small businesses in the Elmhurst and Jackson Heights area.

“We will continue fighting and not give up until there is no Target on that site,” said Tania Mattos, co founder of QNU.

Members of QNU were escorted out of the hearing by police this morning.

The grassroots group plans to appeal the issue to the NYS Supreme Court within the next 30 days and will continue to work with the Department of Buildings on this case.

Full article at above link.

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The market will decide.  If Target is truly not wanted in the area, nobody will shop there.

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