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Re: The Amenities Game
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I don't live at Terrace View (7910 34th Ave) but I know someone who does.  They have 18 hour Doorman, Bike Room, Gym, Storage, Laundry Room & Indoor Parking.  It's also handicap friendly with no steps entering the lobby and after you enter the lobby.  Plus its an ultra prime area home to The Towers, Chateau and Elm Court.  Plus many of the large units have Terraces.  It doesn't get any better than this living in Jackson Heights.

Terrace View has a history of harassing and suing gay families who owned apartments in that building. I know this first hand.

Terrace View was found guilty of harassing gays by the NYS Division of Human Rights.

Terrace View sued a gay family for putting a moulding in their bedroom.

Terrace View was sued for harrassing a gay family and for putting cameras outside their door.

If you're going to make accusations like this, context - and evidence is needed. Assuming it's true, a  building doesn't keep the sins of it's staff forever.

When was this? Was it the board or building management or staff? Have the guilty parties been replaced in their roles, and has the organization cleaned house?

If they have, "terrace view" then is not like "terrace view" now, and people need to know that.

If they haven't, then publicize away! Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The reign of terror lasted for decades at Terrace View under Lorraine Kresse. She was only replaced as President after they were sued and it started costing them money.

She also harassed a Hispanic family after the wife became pregnant. That Hispanic woman, who I met, told me how she grew up at in JH, went to Catholic school down the street, became a nurse, works at a major Manhattan hospital, and was hounded to move after she became pregnant.

You can tell me examples of children and gays in the building, which is true. As Lorraine Kresse told me, "We have lesssbians in the building." And, the children are from ethnic groups that Mrs Kresse did not find unfavorable.

Quite a few people have lost a lot money after buying into that building and being hounded by the residents for solely prejudiced reasons. It was headed by Mrs Kresse but many residents favored this world view, as they have made clear to me.

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Re: The Amenities Game
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Wow that is really something about Terrace View. Shocking.

But back to the terrace vs garden comparison, you can have a drink or a cup of coffee in a shared garden just as you can on your private terrace. People seem to have an exaggerated notion of how strictly the gardens are regulated, and of what you can and cannot do in one of the building gardens. In many of them, each house has a private area adjacent to the larger garden that they can use however they like. In ours, we can use an outdoor grill, hold a party, etc.

The common areas are regulated for the benefit of all. We spend a great deal of money on landscaping and caring for the garden, so we don't want kids trampling in the flower beds or climbing the trees (liability) or playing ball (liability--people have been hit by stray balls in the garden, in one case it was a father holding a baby...very dangerous...this is a garden, not a playground.) The rules are for the benefit of all--including elderly residents who would like to sit and read or walk in a quiet outdoor setting. In our garden you can walk on the grass, sit on the grass, lie down on the grass, picnic on the grass--but not use furniture on the grass, as that might cause damage if done too often. You cannot hold a private party in the common areas, which only makes sense. Each house has a private area near the garden where you can hold parties. The rules are not drastically restrictive at all.

I've considered apartments that had a terrace in the past, but I was only interested if the terrace had a nice view of trees, sky, the Hudson River, etc, not a cityscape. I looked at one apartment in JH where the terrace was so close to the 7 train you could almost hop on. Not appealing. And as I mentioned before, I don't see that people actually use their terraces in this neighborhood. I see them used to store bikes and other things, but I don't think I have ever seen anyone sitting out on a terrace, having a drink or a coffee. They seem to me one of the amenities that are rarely used. Also one of the nice things about the shared garden is that it does promote community.  Walking around the garden, you see neighbors, have impromptu chats, etc, and I like that much better than the idea of hanging out on my private little terrace.

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Re: The Amenities Game
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^this is not a point worth arguing. People are different. I'm pretty sure we all get that.

I quickly came to the conclusion that given the choice between a terrace and a garden, if I was going to drink a cup of coffee outside (which appealed to me) I was FAR more likely to do so if I could make a cup of coffee, open up a door, and be outside with easy access to a refill and a bathroom than make a cup of coffee, walk to an elevator or down stairs, out an exterior door, and find a comfy spot and only have a refill if I fill a thermos.

Chances are if you lived in a community with terraces, you'd have more opportunity to see people using them. I suspect most owners of apartments with terraces aren't living on them 24/7 during warm weather, which may explain why you think they are rarely used. 1 hour a day use by each owner isn't likely to catch your attention when you walk by, but it does represent significant use.

To each their own.
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Re: The Amenities Game
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Laundry in the apartment...that is my dream.  Something that is common elsewhere seems to be only available in NYC in newly constructed buildings.  But to be sure, having laundry in the building/basement is a life-changing amenity compared to having to go to a laundromat.  I assume this is pretty much a standard in Co-ops around here.

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Re: The Amenities Game
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I would TOTALLY rather have a terrace. I would hang out there all the time. I am very jealous of the apartments on 37th Ave near the FoodyNasty. I want somewhere I can get a little rowdy and no one is going to call the coop board on me.

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Re: The Amenities Game
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 FYI- The original post was related to a question about the roof. So if nothing is on your roof now what are the plans
going forward as though this was now a standard amenity in Jackson Heights. Would love a roof deck with energy
conservation/solar but can't see it happening anytime soon in our building. A terrace would be swell but as noted,
they don't seem to be used all that often. Our garden is very seldom used though so that's a wash. Fun to speculate

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Re: The Amenities Game
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