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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #165 on: February 19, 2019, 08:08:38 PM »
Upcoming Music, and Oscar Night!

Hello friends, our Valentine's Day dinner was a lot of fun for us all and we especially loved the positive feedback we received about the child care that we offered on the night. We will be doing that again in the future for other events, so keep an eye out for our emails!
For this week, we're welcoming back the wonderful percussionist Karina Colis on Thursday at 8:30 when she'll play a selection of Latin American music alongside Eric Kurimski on guitar.
They will play a couple of sets so you can enjoy their music while having dinner, or just hang out at the bar if you prefer that.
Make a reservation now to get a good seat!

And the Oscar goes to...

This coming Sunday at 8:00 we'll be showing the Oscars - and some of the red carpet fun beforehand - so come and join us to see if you can pick all of the winners!

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #166 on: March 02, 2019, 01:23:03 AM »
Dear friends, it almost doesn't need to be said, but The Queensboro loves you. To prove it we’d like to introduce our newest programming idea:
Brunch without Baby!

How’s that you say?!
Starting in just over a week, on Saturday mornings at 10am, The Queensboro will be offering entertaining classes for your kids in our downstairs Party Room.
Meanwhile parents (you!) will remain upstairs luxuriating in your brunch-time bliss: Eggs Benedict, Mimosas, Smoked Fish on Rye, all accompanied by the dulcet tones of adult conversation. Catch up with your significant other, plan your week, or just sit in pleasantly stunned silence, all without worrying about “Little Reach and Grab It” launching the maple syrup into the laps of the people on the next table.
Sign me up! How does it work?

Simply book your brunch reservation for 10 am on Saturday morning and let us know you are also signing up one or more of your offspring for that day’s class. Each week may have a different price, age range and class size, so check to make sure you have the right class for your child. The price of the class will added to your brunch check. Did we mention that we will also be feeding your child?
Raising children is hard and we could all use some help. This is our drop in the bucket of making your day a little easier, a little more tranquil, a little more... Queensboro.
March schedule of classes

Saturday, March 9
(Ages 3 and up)
Waffles & Watercolors
10am to 11:30am
Parents and families enjoy Saturday brunch while the kids mix paints and learn the basics of water coloring from local Queens based artist, Donna Levinstone.
As a child, Donna knew she wanted to be an artist and she is dedicated to nurturing your child's creativity and self expression in this special Spring Fantasy themed workshop in our Activity Center Downstairs at The Queensboro.
$25 activity fee includes a beverage and waffles for the kids. Art supplies included.
March 16
Cookie Decorating for St Patrick's Day
March 23
Magic in the Mornings with Joe the Magic Man
March 30
Sing-a-Long Saturdays with Andy and Suzanna
Make a reservation now at

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #167 on: March 02, 2019, 08:13:06 AM »
Maybe you should give some sort of a discount for second child. 2 children = $50
Just a thought.

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #168 on: March 07, 2019, 02:11:19 PM »

The George Papageorge Trio at 8:30

We are super excited for tonight's show. The cool cat (as they say in jazz circles) above here is the leader of the George Papageorge Trio who will play some awesome high energy blues and jazz at 8:30PM. We strongly recommend that you make a reservation if you want to come hear them, they are a lot of fun!

George Papageorge is a blues, jazz, funk, and rock organist, and piano player based in New York City. First active in the early 1990s, Papageorge toured, recorded and co-wrote music for soul singer Mighty Sam McClain and souljazz guitar legend Melvin Sparks, among many others. Always delivering energetic peformances both on stage and on over 25 recordings, Papageorge has supported the most soulful and driven artists. 2015 introduces Papageorge's debut recording "Snowstorm Blues". Papageorge's influences include Charles Earland, Jimmy Smith, and Junior Mance.

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #169 on: March 11, 2019, 05:00:21 PM »
Many Events This Week at The Queensboro!

Jazz on Thursday at 8PM

Hello Music fans!

We have a very special week lined up for you, two absolute GIANTS of the Jackson Heights jazz world will be playing this Thursday at 8PM.

We are super excited to welcome Jim Hershman to his first performance at The Q. He will be playing with our dear friend Ed Fuqua who has performed with us before, and we're looking forward to hearing this dynamic duo bring their magic on Thursday. Definitely make a reservation for this one folks, we're expecting a full house!

Champions League

Attention soccer fans! Now that Real Madrid generously bowed out of the 2019 Champions League in order to let someone else have a chance to win the most prestigious tournament in soccer we're excited to watch some of the upcoming games with you!

We are not in the least big prejudiced at The Q so we will show the Barcelona games even though our eyebrows are raised at how they keep managing to reach the final stages of this competition. The rumors of them bribing FIFA officials for years are probably just rumors, but we do think that perhaps someone should look into that at some point.

Regardless of Barcelona's probable criminal affiliations we are looking forward to watching the games this week and we'll open up the bar early so you can view them on our large screen!

Tuesday - 4PM Juventus vs Atletico Madrid | Machester City vs Schalke

Wednesday - 4PM Barcelona vs Lyon | Bayern Munich vs Liverpool

We will let the crowd decide which of these games we show so come early to state your case!

St. Patrick's Day Weekend!
The Prodigals - 4PM on Saturday

The last time these guys were scheduled to play we had a sudden snow storm that put the brakes on their performance but the silver lining is that they'll be playing on Saint Patrick's Day weekend at The Queensboro!

The Prodigals are one of NYC's seminal Irish-American bands that have described as "New York's answer to The Pogues". Come see them play this Saturday at 4PM, you won't be sorry!

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #170 on: March 15, 2019, 03:39:03 PM »
Thanks to everyone who fell by last night, we had a blast playing! Hope to see you there next time.

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #171 on: March 20, 2019, 08:59:47 PM »

The Wild Guess at 8:30PM
Hello friends of The Q! We hope you'll make it out on Thursday evening to come listen to The Wild Guess perform their inaugural Queensboro show at 8:30.
These guys teach kids how to play and appreciate music for a living, not the easiest job in the world so we have nothing but respect for them and we're excited to hear them play!

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #172 on: March 27, 2019, 01:04:15 PM »
Hello! See further below for information on this week's "Brunch Without Kids" event on Saturday, but first let's talk a little about how thrilled we are for Thursday's music!

One of the great things about being a restaurant in a neighborhood like ours is the amount and variety of talent that we can use for our music nights. There are so many wonderful musicians who live in or around Jackson Heights, and it's truly a pleasure to be able to offer them one more venue where they can share their talents.

On that note, this Thursday at 8:30 please stop by to hear Wendy Wills and Chris Lovasz perform as Wills & Lovasz! Wendy has a long career as a musician and singer and she's a dear friend of us at The Queensboro so we're really looking forward to this one!

They'll be playing rock, blues, jazz, pop and originals, and it might be good to book a table for this event!

Brunch Without Kids, Singalong and Storytime - Saturday 10AM!

If you book a table for Saturday at 10AM you'll be able to enjoy a kid-free brunch while your kids rock out with Suzanna and her guitar, shakers, scarves, puppets, and hands on instruments. This interactive concert will get everyone dancing and singing along to old favorites, kid friendly pop music, and fun originals.

Learn more about Suzanna (and husband 'Mr Andy') at

Let us know in your reservation notes if you want to book any kids for this, at $20/child.

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #173 on: April 10, 2019, 10:27:42 PM »
Hello! If you like live music you should consider coming over to The Queensboro tomorrow night, as we have a special show! We're proud to have Soul y Sabor make their inaugural Queensboro performance around 8:30.

They will be playing a number of pop and rock covers both in English and Spanish. It sounds like a lot of fun to watch and we encourage you to make a reservation if you want a table while they perform.

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Re: The Queensboro!
« Reply #174 on: April 27, 2019, 09:28:38 PM »
Hosting Tanabel & Queens Dinner Club on May 6th

One of the reasons we started closing on Mondays is because we felt that it would give us opportunities to try things that wouldn’t be possible during a regular evening. So we are very happy that on May 6th Tanabel along with The Queens Dinner Club will be hosting a dinner at The Queensboro at 7PM. This will be a Syrian Iftar dinner, on the first day of Ramadan, celebrating the cuisine of Syria.
Tanabel is an organization that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We’re looking forward to working with them and trying out their food! The cost per person is $70 inclusive of service (drinks will be extra) and the menu for the night is below.
You can buy your tickets for this event right here!

To welcome:
Sharab al tamarhindi wa ward
A fast-breaking drink of tamarind rose iced tea sweetened with date molasses
To begin:
Zaitoun baiti
House-cured rose olives with za’atar, chili & citrus
Mukhallal lift
Turnip & beet pickles
Moutabal batinjan
Smoky eggplant & tahini dip
Labneh bil limoun
Strained yogurt with preserved lemon, nigella seed & mint
Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
Croquettes stuffed with spiced beef & walnuts and served with a red pepper & pomegranate sauce
Mazza served with homemade flatbread and spring things
To continue:
Fakhdeh bi freek wa ful akhdar
Slow-roasted lamb served over smoked green wheat pilaf with fresh fava beans & fried nuts
Salatet rabi’iyeh
Salad of spring greens & herbs with a sumac & pomegranate dressing
To end:
Crispy filo pastry stuffed with sweet cheese & drenched with orange flower syrup

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Re: The Queensboro!
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