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We Voted.. Now What?

Come and watch the results tallied up with us and enjoy the end of the long campaigns and bad jokes.

* FREE Open Vodka Bar from 10-11pm
* Happy Hour from 5-10pm (2 for 1 Drinks and $3 Drafts)
* FREE Bottle of Champagne (Ladies in groups of 5+)

Additional Drink Specials to be announced day of

Drink + Party + Watch on our 84" Screen till 4am EST

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If you are, please become a fan for event updates, weekly free open bar (fan exclusive) and submit suggestions.


Wikipedia says:

"The United States presidential election of 2008, scheduled for Tuesday November 4, 2008, will be the 56th consecutive quadrennial United States presidential election and will select the President and the Vice President of the United States.

The Republican Party has chosen John McCain, the senior United States Senator from Arizona as its nominee; the Democratic Party has chosen Barack Obama, the junior United States Senator from Illinois, as its nominee.

The 2008 election is particularly notable because it is the first time in U.S. history that two sitting senators will run against each other for president, and because it is the first time an African American is a presidential nominee for a major party, as well as the first time both major candidates were born outside the continental United States: Hawaii for Obama and the Panama Canal Zone for McCain. With African American candidate Barack Obama, who is of mixed African and Caucasian parentage, as the Democratic Party nominee for President and John McCain's selection of female Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as the Republican Party nominee for Vice-President, the eventual winning ticket is very likely to have a historic context, as either the first African American will be elected President along with the first Roman Catholic, Joe Biden, as Vice President or the oldest first-term President will be elected with the first woman Vice President.

The election will coincide with the 2008 Senate elections in thirty-three states, House of Representatives elections in all states, and gubernatorial elections in eleven states, as well as various state referendums and local elections. As in the 2004 presidential election, the allocation of electoral votes to each state will be based partly on the 2000 Census. The president-elect and vice president-elect are scheduled to be inaugurated on January 20, 2009."

Whether you believe your vote will make a difference or not, get out there and vote. Make the popular vote matter. I'm not plugging any specific candidate or party, I just want you all to do a little research, and don't vote on a whim. Get out and vote.

Information about the Candidates:

Major Party Candidates:
Barack Obama (Democratic Party):

John McCain (Republican Party):



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