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Re: Jackson Gyro
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Jackson Gyro never served A+ food, IMO. It was always cheap and meh. Breakfasts were awful there. There didn't seem to be much going on everytime I walked past either. People in this neighborhood keep opening up restaurants thinking they're going to succeed but without the business skills to make it happen.

One place that I think is doing well right now is Cafe de Colombia. They have good food (their croissants are ALWAYS fresh, and warm sometimes, too!) AND it's super cute and cozy inside. Can we just have more of these instead of the basic restaurant layouts?

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Re: Jackson Gyro
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The greek sausage was good, as was the pork and chicken doner and falafel. It was reliable greek breakfast/lunch, with other nice menu choices (smoked salmon on a bagel). There were one or two misses though on the menu (the gyro hash for example, but I knew that was a flyer when I ordered it). I never monitored the lunch/breakfast crowd too much even though I walk by that corner most days, but I never thought it unusually sparse for the time of day (including when I went in to eat there).

I'm sorry to see it go. I hope the owners just decided they wanted to sell to relax and enjoy the good life. We have a lot of meat heavy restaurants in the upper 80s, so having options where the lunch isn't a big hunk of meat is nice. (Popped in to Papa's Kitchen recently for just this reason.)

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Re: Jackson Gyro
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