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Re: Gantry Park in LIC
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Thank you!

And yes, that ferry trip is a wonderful and relaxing cheap thrill.

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Re: Gantry Park in LIC
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The Hunters Point Parks Conservancy is looking to rename Hunters Point South Park. While they have a name in mind, Queens Landing Park, they remain open to suggestions via an online survey.

LIC Post:
Conservancy Group Seeks to Rename Hunter’s Point South Park, Aims to Elevate Park’s City-Wide Standing

The Hunters Point Parks Conservancy, the non-profit group that helps maintain and program the now 11-acre park along with the neighboring Gantry Plaza State Park, says there are more reasons to change the park’s name than to keep it.

“It’s an amazing park, and the name doesn’t represent how beautiful the park is and how inclusive it is for everyone from Queens and elsewhere,” said Rob Basch, president of the HPPC.

The name, to start, is too long and therefore easy to forget, Basch said. It’s also frequently confused with other sites, like two nearby housing developments with “Hunter’s Point” in the name, and even Hunts Point in the Bronx. The Hunters Point Community Park nearby, additionally, has also tripped up some folks.

The park’s city-wide recognition is also at stake, Basch said, believing that the park, even with its newly-opened section, doesn’t have the standing it deserves.

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Re: Gantry Park in LIC
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That park is incredible.

It should be called "The Best Park in New York City".

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Re: Gantry Park in LIC
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