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Ditching cable -- digital antenna recommendations?

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I'm looking to cut the cord and ditch cable. Between Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime, I'm sure I'll survive. I would, however, like to retain local news and television, for which I'll need a digital antenna. Does anyone have a recommendation for an indoor one that works well in the area? Thanks!

I have a Mohu Leaf and it works pretty well.   But I think it depends on what direction your windows face.

Thanks! My window faces east, which might be a problem. Oh well, still worth a shot.

I have a Winegard, and their Flatwave gets good reviews. I really recommend getting an amplified antenna - it also plugs into a power jack - for the best signal.

As the other poster says, though, having line of sight to the Empire State Building REALLY helps. All the channels are over there.

i bought the rca wall hdtv antenna, and it works fine, all public channels, depending on the day if its sunny i get other 5 channels, i am behind few buildings, i heard if u have a good location u can get up to 50 channels


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