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Re: No-Pets rule and apartment leases
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Every one has an opinion based on their particular position or experience.  I'm a pet owner and have served on boards in the past.  As per weight limits there are legitimate reasons why a Board would limit weight or size for dogs.  There are very many people that will not get on an elevator with a large dog, I'm one of them.  I have had several pets in my lifetime and I love dogs.  I have been bitten twice by large dogs (once when I was 8 in PR as well...LOL) in my life and while I won't run away from a large dog in the street nor will I show fear I will think twice before getting into an elevator with a large or mean looking dog that I don't know. ..but that's my experience.  There are 2 buildings I work in and I have seen children and adults become fearfull of a large dog in an elevator.  I believe buildings should not have blanket rule either but it is their right to do so because many residents are not willing to manage special interest issues.  If a building has a liberal pet rule than that's fine too.   

In my experience few boards are willing to change a No Pet policy and when they do it is often one that would only allow cats.  Creating a pet friendly environment in a Coop is difficult but not impossible if the Board or a committee is willing to work on it.  If a building has a couple of irresponsible pet owners it will create an environment of animosity towards dog owners.  If uncomfortable pet scenarios are not addressed in a responsible and official manner it may mushroom into a "no pet policy" for future residents.  If you are a pet owner in a pet friendly building I would strongly recommend creating a committee that deals with pet issues.  Make sure that the rules are clear and that they are being followed and I would strongly recommend that the committee is headed by a pet owner. 

It is always good to place ourselves in the other residents shoes before we go and demonize those that frown upon pet's in a coop.  For those that do not like or own pets in a coop you should know that pets bring love and companionship to many of us.  Taking that away from someone is cruel and inhumane but by the same token you shouldn't have to put up with constant barking and filth so pet owners should be responsible.  Playing the devils advocate is what need to be done when it comes to pet policies.  If a building is pet friendly it often makes it easier for a seller and in my experience can sell faster and maybe for more because a pet owner will be willing to pay more for a property since many coops wont allow them.  On a last note, buildings with weight limits can explore a NO LARGE DOGS in elevator rule so they can welcome larger dogs into the building (just a thought)
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Re: No-Pets rule and apartment leases
« Reply #15 on: May 02, 2009, 09:53:22 AM »