Author Topic: adorable Jackson Heights rescue kitten needs loving family for adoption!  (Read 1312 times)

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My husband and I moved to the neighborhood about 4 months ago.  We've been fostering a stray kitten that we rescued about a month ago.  This cat is adorable- a black/white tuxedo kitty, friendly, playful, healthy, well behaved- always uses the litter, doesn't hide, loves being picked up, brushed, etc.  In fact he's such a great little pet it's hard to believe he was a stray, but when we found him he was filthy, underweight, had calloused paws, etc.  (We have had him completely checked out by Dr. Tello and he is healthy now, he is getting neutered this week on our dime.  We did a lot of research to make sure he wasn't someone's lost pet and came up w/ zilch, poor thing was on the streets in the coldest months- Dec, Jan.)

We are crazy about this kitten but we have an older, larger cat who does not want to share the limelight.  If you or anyone you  know is interested in getting a great new kitty please email me and I will forward you a picture and any other info you might want.


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