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Re: Subway newsstands to disappear
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Job losses due to vending machines are not inevitable.

It's simply a different business model.

You can buy and own a vending machine.  You then negotiate where to place it.
And you are in charge of re-stocking it, choosing the inventory, and collecting the cash.
If your vending machine does well, you do well.

So, actually, if there's a vending machine boom, there may be more business opportunities for folks to start their own small businesses. A business which could comprise of even a single vending machine to begin with.

And in truth, it's a far more pleasant situation than being stuck in a subway day and night.

If a person has an entrepreneurial spirit, (which many immigrants have)... you can "turn lemons into lemonade".  And change is the chance to actualize new opportunities.

It's the American dream.

I don't understand. When a large, decent store tries to open in JH it is gentification, but when the MTA closes a newsstand it is a " chance to actualize new opportunities."

What don't you understand? Different folks have different opinions. Some on this forum are anti-gentrification. Others are less concerned.  I'm with the latter. The area will gentrify as the kids of immigrants become adults. American adults.  That's probably around now.

I think the Arepa Lady restaurant is the perfect example of it.  It's gentrification. By the kids of immigrants.

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Re: Subway newsstands to disappear
« Reply #15 on: March 09, 2019, 05:53:50 PM »