Author Topic: Mr.Hartstein PS 69 1964 6th Grade Class Picture Barbara Marus Email Contact?  (Read 917 times)

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Somehow my sister found this online this week. I don't remember this Class Photo ever being taken even though I'm in it! My mother was too cheap to ever give me the money to buy these Class Photos. I recognize about 30% of my classmates in it. This was the class where at about 2:40 on Friday a female teacher suddenly without warning burst into our classroom,  whispered something into Mr. Hartstein's ear and Mr. Hartstein suddenly turned completely white, a look I've never seen before or since and silently walked to the blackboard and wrote in block letters "President Kennedy Has Been Shot". I was the blackboard monitor and he asked me to erase it about 2 minutes later as we were dismissed 15 or so minutes early. Like an idiot, many of us played punchball right afterwards in the schoolyard.

If anyone has an email address for one of the girls in the photo, Barbara Marus, would appreciate it as I always wanted to thank her for "Taking" one of Mr. Hartstein's demerits for me which would have been my 4th one and a phone call/letter to my parents. Until recently I always thought her last name was spelled Maris like Roger Maris and wasted time Googling this nonexistent name. Nowadays these kids in school can stab their teachers and they won't get in trouble and I was about to get a demerit for whispering something during class to the classmate next to me!

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