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Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by JK resident on May 14, 2019, 11:00:57 AM »
Dromm comes across as a big idiot bully who obviously has no understanding of property rights. That curb cut is in front of a wide garage door that enters a service garage. Toyota used to use it and they moved a few blocks away. So the service center was closed till Mazda reopened it. There are many hydraulic lifts installed behind those doors. It is a approved DOB driveway for over 50 years. The NYC DOT knew that it was because they left the street there. The city should of contacted the owner of the property and bought his rights to use his curb cut and garage access. This would need to be in writing and recorded. Then the city could remove the curb. Dromm states openly “take it and let them sue the city to try to take it back”. He is advocating the government seizure of land without any compensation. That is what was done in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. That land will be worth much less without that crucial side entrance for the service department. Clearly this land is worth over $10 million. I believe this whole controversy is over a small section of street that should remain as it is. This street also allows cars to safely move off Northern Blvd for dropping off children. It is really a shame that our elected official is nothing more than a mindless tyrant.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by dssjh on May 14, 2019, 10:34:48 AM »
i'm still curious about what, if any, financial interest ItsIt has in this matter.

and, yes, a multitude of candidates should come forward. we've had a wonderful rep in Danny Dromm (who's far more receptive to the community than recent predecessors were) and i hope that run continues with whoever is elected next.
People who are in favor of Target should make their voices heard too cos Queens Neighborhood United are very loud and claim to represent everyone.

Write to the Board of Standards and Appeals  re case  BSA Cal. No. 2018-166A (40-31 82nd Street, Queens). You can send an email.

And contact local politicians to make your views known.

AMEN! Will write the BSA today and will contact Dromm, Ramos, and Melinda Katz. Incidentally, I wrote the BSA the first time there was a hearing and also MK. I am so in favor of a Target. As I've said in other threads, QNU is a hateful group who somehow claim to represent the views of the Borough, even though they have like 5 members. Go figure.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by abcdefghijk on May 14, 2019, 09:19:08 AM »
The controversial space is about as big as Diversity Plaza.

In a neighborhood that is renown to have almost the least open park space in all of NYC for over 100,000 inhabitants... every square inch counts.
Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: 90th street area?
« Last post by kmriley41 on May 14, 2019, 08:59:50 AM »
Were a young couple in our 30s and have lived in Southridge for just over a year now - building is located on 92nd and 34th. We wanted to stick to a strict budget, as this was our first home and we don’t plan to live there for more than a few years, so Southridge was a good choice for us for now. The maintenance is very low and includes everything. It’s an extra $30 a month per AC. For us it’s perfect as our mortgage and maintenance payments are so low that we’re able to save a lot of money and have the flexibility to travel, etc.  The building is extremely well maintained and clean. The maintenance guys are all lovely and friendly. We don’t know our neighbors, but it definitely seems like a co-op where people have lived and raised families for a long time. I didn’t find the board approval process too unreasonable, although they do want to see a year of your mortgage and maintenance in cash in the bank after the DP and closing costs. They also require a 25% down payment, but I think that varies from section to section.

In terms of the area in the 90s, it’s definitely not as charming as the historic district. While I would be cautious while walking home from the subway past a certain time, I don’t feel it’s unsafe. I think things get a much more sketchy past Junction Blvd, but we don’t venture over there and have no reason to. there’s an excellent Key Food very close by on Northern in the high 80s, and we’re also close to Addictive Wine Bar, which is a great spot. Overall, Southridge is a great co-op and the neighborhood is fine. We would have preferred the historic district, but prices for 1BRs are double or more. I don’t know about the schools in our area but we plan to move elsewhere once we start a family.

I found it so difficult to get meaningful  advice regarding specific co-ops and neighborhoods when we were looking, so I hope this is helpful.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Travers Park Update
« Last post by itsit on May 14, 2019, 08:27:36 AM »
Questions to ask of this discussion thread:
- If this protest were to take place in July, how many of the people that were there would be
   vacationing elsewhere and how many of the people in the park at that time would want that
   street inset closed? I suspect you would have a vastly different answer. The inset has been
   used as I have seen it for PreK drop offs, NYC Dept of Parks workers, NYPD and others who
   need to pull of Northern Blvd as well as the dealership. There is a sizable group who oppose
   closing this street and as they are not running for office, they would like to see this stay
   functioning as is. They also remember times when the park was not so safe and that police
   access, particularly on hot summer nights, was wanted. Many of my friends and their children
   have had "incidents" of some degree in the park. Theft, assault, verbal abuse, etc and as
   most users know, there is little oversight within the park. This is only one of many reasons
   that people like this inset available- safety.

- Who/what aspects of the community are represented here? The people who live on 77th street
   buildings and will be tremendously effected? Rainbowland Nursery School? Bus riders on
   Northern Blvd? The huge amount of school children on 77th, 78th, 79th and 80th streets?
   The many teachers who are commuting from out of the neighborhood to this area which
   has long been used by a number of schools for little kids to 12th grade? The big answer is
   the majority of those opposing here are only focused on getting this teeny tiny weird space
  (two big walls and a street on 3 sides space) for the park. Whoever thinks this wouldn't
   immediately become a  sports venue (makeshift soccer/cricket field)  hasn't been at Travers Park
   at 4:00 on a stinking hot Saturday in July. And who in their right mind would add to the
   traffic on 79th street on a school day? Have you ever been there when school lets out?
   We need every possible outlet at that time.

 - Why is all the lead focus on these few sq yards of 78th Street on Koeppel? Because of the profile
    they have and yes, I have bought cars at Koeppel, as have so many of my neighbors which
    is why they have the successful business they do here. And they have lawyers that the
    renters on 77th street won't be able to afford as their street would be adversely affected
    by this change too. Do not work there but like them as a business- which like others in
    the vicinity are dealerships, schools, drugstores, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. who
    pay taxes which make things like parks more viable on top of our real estate and sales taxes.
    As Koeppel's is a gay-owned business in a diverse neighborhood and a business that has
    been HUGELY supportive of neighborhood activities, I think that the attack on them is not
    civil. It smacks of someone with a thin resume who needs to pad it somehow and has picked
    this as a "W" to put beside their name.

   Hopefully, we will have many people who are planning to run for Danny Dromm's seat
   and they will treat all of the residents and businesses whose lives and livelihoods are
   changed by neighborhood projects, not just those who are fully "networked" as the
   one side. Be civil. Hear all sides of the story. Be on the ground asking peoples opinions
   and knock on doors of all the locals. This is two sided debate and wish both sides would be
   respected here. This goes for the DOT, Danny's office and Parks.

    Encouraging lots of new candidates here to run for Councilman!!
Restaurants & Food / Re: New Chinese Food Courts in Elmhurst
« Last post by toddg on May 14, 2019, 08:02:16 AM »
Chopsticks and Marrow reviews the newest food court in Elmhurst:

HK Food Court is Queens’s Newest Culinary Wonderland

HK Food Court is located at 82-02 45th Ave.
Doors open at 7:15pm, email for more info, no RSVP required. Hope to see you there!

Directed by Elizabeth Farnsworth, Patricio Lanfranco Leverton

"When in 1998 Chilean judge Juan Guzmán was assigned the first criminal cases against the country's ex-dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, no one expected much. Guzmán had supported Pinochet's 1973 coup against the democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, and had worked as a judge during Pinochet's dictatorship. The filmmakers trace Guzmán descent into what he calls "the abyss," where he uncovers the past - including his own role in the tragedy."
People who are in favor of Target should make their voices heard too cos Queens Neighborhood United are very loud and claim to represent everyone.

Write to the Board of Standards and Appeals  re case  BSA Cal. No. 2018-166A (40-31 82nd Street, Queens). You can send an email.

And contact local politicians to make your views known.
We don't have many shops that sell housewares. There are two in JH on Roosie.

I bought my toaster oven at 8903 Roosevelt. There's also a housewares dept upstairs from a cosmetic shop somewhere below 82nd on Roosevelt.

I also buy stuff in the City. I almost never shop online. It would be nice to have one other option nearby.
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