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Neighborhood Chat / Re: What's missing from this map?
« Last post by JK resident on July 15, 2019, 09:45:44 AM »
Where the legal prostitution and drug dealing will be allowed with the new DA.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: What's missing from this map?
« Last post by jo3boxer on July 15, 2019, 08:54:30 AM »
common sense.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Political Commentary of the Day
« Last post by jh35 on July 15, 2019, 08:11:05 AM »
and this morning, Dementia Donny tweeted that AOC should "go back to her own country" to fix problems there. the sundowning started at 8:45 AM today, i guess.

Poll: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defining Democrats among crucial 2020 swing voters - Axios
23 hours ago

Top Democrats are circulating a poll showing that one of the House's most progressive members — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — has become a definitional face for the party with a crucial group of swing voters.

Why it matters: These Democrats are sounding the alarm that swing voters know and dislike socialism, warning it could cost them the House and the presidency. The poll is making the rounds of some of the most influential Democrats in America.

"If all voters hear about is AOC, it could put the [House] majority at risk," said a top Democrat who is involved in 2020 congressional races. "She's getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races."
The poll — taken in May, before Speaker Pelosi's latest run-in with AOC and the three other liberal House freshmen known as "The Squad" — included 1,003 likely general-election voters who are white and have two years or less of college education.

These are the "white, non-college voters" who embraced Donald Trump in 2016 but are needed by Democrats in swing House districts.
The group that took the poll shared the results with Axios on the condition that it not be named, because the group has to work with all parts of the party.
The findings:

Ocasio-Cortez was recognized by 74% of voters in the poll; 22% had a favorable view.
Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota — another member of The Squad — was recognized by 53% of the voters; 9% (not a typo) had a favorable view.
Socialism was viewed favorably by 18% of the voters and unfavorably by 69%.

Capitalism was 56% favorable; 32% unfavorable.
"Socialism is toxic to these voters," said the top Democrat.
Between the lines: Dems are performing better with these voters than in 2016 (although still not as well as in 2018). So party leaders will continue to try to define themselves around more mainstream members.

The other side: Three members of The Squad — Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts — defended their approach while appearing in Philadelphia yesterday on a panel at the annual Netroots Nation conference, AP's Juana Summers reports:

"We never need to ask for permission or wait for an invitation to lead," Omar said, adding later that there's a "constant struggle oftentimes with people who have power about sharing that power."
Go deeper:

What you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidates, in under 500 words
2020 presidential election: Track which candidates are running
Neighborhood Chat / Re: What's missing from this map?
« Last post by sl on July 15, 2019, 07:53:32 AM »
This map seems a little offensive.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: What's missing from this map?
« Last post by Simka on July 14, 2019, 09:56:45 PM »
75 St between 37/Roosevelt: Shady Medical Office District

37rd / 75th St: Illegal Street Cabinet Sales

75-85 between 35-34 Ave: Here Be White People

37 ave anywhere: Pharmacy, dollar store or deli? You choose!

Also: "India/tibet great food" is in the wrong location. it should be around 74th....

 ;D  ;D  ;D
Restaurants & Food / Re: Best JH meal under 8$?
« Last post by JH3525 on July 14, 2019, 09:11:34 PM »
Be aware that the Woodside location is the factory that does all the food preparation for the 13 Xi'an restaurants and is only open 3 1/2 hours a day from 11:30 to 3:00. 
Restaurants & Food / Re: Beefrria Landia
« Last post by Jhlobo on July 14, 2019, 08:07:27 PM »
 I just tried the tacos based on what was written here.  They were delicious. the beef was really tender and they had just the right level of  spiciness
Restaurants & Food / Re: Best JH meal under 8$?
« Last post by the80s on July 14, 2019, 06:24:13 PM »
Looks fantastic! Thanks for the info. Love x'ian and had no idea there was one in woodside.
Restaurants & Food / Re: Best JH meal under 8$?
« Last post by dssjh on July 14, 2019, 03:36:14 PM »
I've never been to Xi'an Famous Foods but the photos on Yelp look awesome.  Its located at 55-01 37th Ave in Woodside.

the lamb noodles are fantastic, and the spicy cucumber salad is a perfect side -- but they're not kidding about the spicy part. i've wanted to try the lamb face salad, but they run out fairly quickly.
Neighborhood Chat / Re: Man shot July 13.
« Last post by jeanette on July 14, 2019, 02:13:39 PM »
A 26 year old is a very young person. I believe people can change. They grow. No matter what he did, what an ass he may have been, he didn't deserve to have his head blown off.

So the whole thing makes me sad.
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